Trump is fueling hate

It has been proven that hate crimes have been up during and following the election. This comes as no surprise with rhetoric like this coming from the now President : An example of this can be seen in the Portland stabbing where two white samaritans were killed defending Muslim women from a white supremacist. We’re all familiar I’m sure with the BS Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter campaigns in a response to Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter is especially evil because police are the ones who have been primarily doing the killing of unarmed black men. Police … Continue reading Trump is fueling hate

Yet again, our checks and balances worked today.

The decision to block the Muslim ban was upheld in a federal appeals court. I am deeply grateful for our balance of power during times like this. The executive branch seems to have overstepped the constitution and although they’ve made multiple attempts at this ban, and fired the AG when she refused to defend it, our judicial system continue to hold up against this overbearing administration. As you can see above, the ACLU tweeted, “We won”. It is deeply saddening to me that this situation is happening, and the premise that the president is going against Civil Liberties is disheartening at the … Continue reading Yet again, our checks and balances worked today.

The LGBT community remains under attack around the world

This is unacceptable. A gay sex party was raided in Indonesia, and those participating are now facing pornography charges. Two men in Indonesia were publicly lashed 82 times for having gay sex. The brutality and killing of numerous gay men continues in Chechnya. In Texas, a bill allowing publicly-funded adoption agencies to deny parents children based on religious reasons just passed their Senate. You’d think that in 2017, the world has started coming around to gay rights. Clearly not. Our people are being brutally tortured and killed for being who they are around the world. The common thread backing all … Continue reading The LGBT community remains under attack around the world

Nevada joins seven other states to ban conversion therapy. Now let’s make it federal law.

Here are the states where conversion therapy is illegal for minors : New Mexico Nevada New York Illinois New Jersey Vermont California Source : CNN This poses the question : why is this practice legal anywhere? It has been discredited by numerous mental health institutions, including the American Psychological Association, and ask just about any LGBT person out there and they will tell you it is not possible to change sexual orientation. This is fact. And trust me when I tell you that most people would change their sexual orientation if that was in fact possible, considering the ridiculous hurdles which … Continue reading Nevada joins seven other states to ban conversion therapy. Now let’s make it federal law.

Christian Privilege

Following headlines about Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban facing backlash from judges, an issue was reignited in my head : Christian Privilege in the US. Christians compose a large amount of our political climate – evangelism is a driving force behind the Republican party even though Trump’s values, besides abortion, are precisely oppositional to the values at the religion’s core. Christians often use “religious freedom” as an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT community and to oppose a woman’s right to choose regarding abortion. These same Christians are also oftentimes the people who accuse all Muslims of terrorism, and who make … Continue reading Christian Privilege