The Republican healthcare disaster continues. For now.

The Republicans narrowly opened debate over healthcare in the Senate, with Mike Pence breaking the tie over the discussion. This occurred following another tweetstorm by Trump, where he addressed the issue multiple times. Yet again, he pressured Republicans and attacked Democrats for being obstructionists, although their no votes make no difference towards the Republican majority in congress. While preparations for the vote were occurring, protesters shouted “kill the bill, don’t kill us!” and “shame”. They have a pretty good point. All the CBO scores of the differentiating Republican healthcare bills range from 23-32 million more people being uninsured under the … Continue reading The Republican healthcare disaster continues. For now.

The anti-Obamacare agenda is based in falsehoods

Yesterday, the President called Obamacare “Death” in an attempt to respond to Democrats’ claim that the various failed Republican Obamacare replacements will cause people to die. Which is true. Saying that Obamacare is “death” is not. Time and time again, the Republicans have claimed that premiums would go down under their bills, which they would not, and that more people would have coverage which, again, they would not. They also claim that the rollback of medicaid expansion would be good for low-income Americans… again, wrong. We got some tweets related to the issue by the President early this morning. He … Continue reading The anti-Obamacare agenda is based in falsehoods

The Trump team must be living in an alternate reality

Kellyanne Conway, on CNN, said that Russia is not “a big story”. Wow. So the undisclosed meetings by Jeff Sessions, to the Don Jr. debacle, to the undisclosed second meeting with Putin at the G20, and all the other shady Russian business with the Trump campaign are not a “big story”? I beg to disagree. Meanwhile, Scaramucci, on the same network, said that the mainstream media is focused on “nonsensical” stories as well as that the President is not sure Russia meddled in the US election. Then you have Trump on Twitter screaming “Fake News” and touting Obama-driven economic success! … Continue reading The Trump team must be living in an alternate reality

The author of “The Art of the Deal” can’t come up with a compromise on healthcare.

He has gone from claiming that he would not cut Medicaid, to throwing a party upon the passage of the House bill, which did in fact cut medicaid. After that, he called the house bill “mean“, which lead to the birth of a senate bill which Trump said needed to be “more generous“. After that, when the Senate bill stalled, Trump went on a Twitter tirade where he changed his story multiple times. He went from repeal and replace to repeal only and then back to repeal and replace. This slashing of medicaid is only one of many broken promises … Continue reading The author of “The Art of the Deal” can’t come up with a compromise on healthcare.

Our health care debate is focused on the wrong issues

The GOP is currently embroiled in debate to try to find a replacement for Obamacae, which they falsely deem is in a “death spiral”. The debate is currently focused on subsidies, medicaid expansion, premiums, and pre existing conditions. While these issues are important, there are some substantial things which are not currently being discussed. We spend more on health care per capita than any other country in the world, yet we are the only developed country without universal health care. Drug prices are so expensive that people are forced to mail-order their drugs from Canada. What happened to “America First”? … Continue reading Our health care debate is focused on the wrong issues

Trumpcare : An attack on American values

The president went on a now typical tweet storm two days ago, in an attempt to tout the Senate’s healthcare bill. This is, of course, after lobbying for the AHCA to get passed in the House, throwing a party upon its passage, and following that with a comment calling the bill “mean” and saying that the bill should be more generous and have more “heart”. However, the Senate health care bill, notably crafted by all men behind closed doors, does not seem to be a very generous bill. While on the campaign trail, Trump promised no cuts to medicaid or … Continue reading Trumpcare : An attack on American values

Team Analysis : AHCA

Will VanHorssen :┬áThe stats speak for themselves. This bill would bring uninsured levels similar to pre-Obamacare levels. ┬áThe decision on pre-existing conditions is disastrous, and why leave it up to the states if you really wanted to cover them? The destruction of essential health benefits is also detrimental, with mental care as well as even pregnancy no longer mandated to be covered. I’m anxious to see what Senate Republicans produce, considering they have a much narrower majority than the House Republicans have. Senators also have to represent an entire state rather than a small district. I predict that a much … Continue reading Team Analysis : AHCA