The monuments need to come down

Recently, there has been significant debate over whether or not Confederate monuments in the south should be torn down following the Charlottesville attack. Those opposing the removal of the monuments claim that taking them down is effectively destroying history. This is a false premise. There is a clear difference between presenting history and celebrating it, and putting up statues to glorify generals who were fighting to treat a race of people as property is clearly a celebration. And a sick one, at that.

One of the core ideals seen in America’s constitution is that all men are created equal. Slaveholders were directly defying this clause, and one of the basic principles of human decency. We should not be celebrating people who were racist traitors to this nation. One does not see Nazi statues up in Germany for a reason. Because they are ashamed of that part of their history, and do not celebrate what occurred. We should be ashamed of our history, too.

In removing symbols of hate from parks and government-owned grounds is not erasing history, either. The statues can go in museums, or even if they are demolished it is not as if Americans do not know about the country’s disgraceful past. I can remember learning about slavery and the civil war as early as fifth grade. Another argument which many people say is that the civil war wasn’t about slavery; it was about states’ rights. Yes, it was about states’ rights. To what? Slavery. They also say that the Confederacy wasn’t all about slavery and to that I say look at this :

Image result for confederate currency

Yes, that is Confederate currency, and yes an image of slaves is depicted on it. It speaks for itself.

Confederate monuments and symbols have no place in this country whatsoever.

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