The Senate votes on a clean repeal of Obamacare. Again.

Debate is open for a bill that would cause 32 million to lose insurance, according to the CBO. A vote is planned to take place today.

So far, Republicans have not found any success whatsoever when it comes to replacing the ACA in the Senate, and they only marginally opened debate over whether or not to even discuss the issue.

The President has been largely inconsistent when it comes to the issue.

Image result for healthcare

It seems that this is a pointless attempt to discuss the issue again when still no consensus has been made and there is no compromise in sight.

Even if a bill was somehow squeezed through the Senate, they would have to go to the reconciliation process with the House and vote again, and who knows whether or not the President would sign it.

This debacle is laughable at best and deathly at worst, as the Republican party is openly debating how many Americans to kick off of insurance.

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