The anti-Obamacare agenda is based in falsehoods

Yesterday, the President called Obamacare “Death” in an attempt to respond to Democrats’ claim that the various failed Republican Obamacare replacements will cause people to die. Which is true. Saying that Obamacare is “death” is not.

Time and time again, the Republicans have claimed that premiums would go down under their bills, which they would not, and that more people would have coverage which, again, they would not. They also claim that the rollback of medicaid expansion would be good for low-income Americans… again, wrong.

We got some tweets related to the issue by the President early this morning.Screenshot from 2017-07-25 06-05-32

He simultaneously attacked both Democrats as well as Republicans, blaming them both for Obamacare (which is actually very successful).

All of the bills, the BCRA and the AHCA, as well as the clean repeal, are just plain awful for the country. They all boot millions of people off of coverage, and it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like what score the CBO gives, the head of it was appointed by Republicans and it’s the most accurate measure we’ve got when it comes to these issues.

Healthcare in this country is doomed if the Republicans somehow manage to pass something on the issue. People will die. That is fact.

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