Schumer : The problem was Hillary

Chuck Schumer issued scathing words towards his fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton, saying “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself,” to the Washington Post.

Image result for hillary clinton

The Democrats have a new message which is focused on economics thankfully, although it does sound like the Papa John’s slogan.

The new slogan for the Democrats is as follows :

A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future

One can only hope that this latest attempt to rebrand the party will bring back the working class voters who flocked towards Trump in 2016, and that the progressive Warren-Sanders wing of the party won’t derail the effort.

The Democrats needed change very badly, and hopefully this latest message will be the one to get it right.

However, I am skeptical. Like Schumer himself said, you have to be pretty remarkable to lose to a man with a 40% approval rating, and I do not know who could be the miracle candidate for 2020 who won’t fail like Hillary. Luckily, the White House is in shambles although the Trump base will be sure to turn out and stick with the President.

Make no mistake : Russia, Comey, and misogyny played a massive role in Hillary’s loss. However, that wasn’t all of it. The Democrats must keep going because a victory is exactly what the country needs.

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