The Trump team must be living in an alternate reality

Kellyanne Conway, on CNN, said that Russia is not “a big story”. Wow.

Image result for kellyanne conway

So the undisclosed meetings by Jeff Sessions, to the Don Jr. debacle, to the undisclosed second meeting with Putin at the G20, and all the other shady Russian business with the Trump campaign are not a “big story”? I beg to disagree.

Meanwhile, Scaramucci, on the same network, said that the mainstream media is focused on “nonsensical” stories as well as that the President is not sure Russia meddled in the US election.

Then you have Trump on Twitter screaming “Fake News” and touting Obama-driven economic success! Meanwhile, his supporters at Fox News are boosting the narrative with the conservative base.

At the same time, Trump is lying or being hypocritical on all fronts. From his healthcare campaign promises to his “Made in America” week, he is making zero sense whatsoever.

He has claimed he is pro-gay however he has nominated Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, and Betsy Devos?

The Bottom Line : Trump is an unpredictable liar. Period.

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