Dear Trump & Co. : Quit screaming “Fake News”

Today on Fox News Sunday, the “conservative” outlet continued advancing the President’s agenda by asking the new WH communications director if the media is putting out “Fake news” to bring down the Trump administration. I’m speechless.

If you turn on Fox News, you’ll hear something completely different from MSNBC, and even CNN. It’s as if they live in an alternate reality over there. They are not reporting objectively, as they are attempting to advance a Trumpian agenda. The biggest spokesperson for the President is in fact Sean Hannity himself, now that Bill O’Reilly is out. It’s not to say that MSNBC is not doing the same thing to an extent, however they are at least attempting to be journalists and are not attacking other organizations. They also have the integrity of NBC News behind them, and they are transparent with their intentions in primetime.

Fox News is a hate machine which does nothing but uphold the Trump agenda and tear people apart, further isolating Trump supporters from mainstream society.

The calling of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, and just about every other news organization fake by both Trump himself, as well as his supporters is disgraceful and is effectively undermining democracy. It needs to stop.

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