Attack Democrats, Attack Republicans, Attack everyone : the Commander in Chief’s twitter strategy

He’s back!

Trump took to twitter to attack someone other than the media.

He railed against the Democrats as well as the “Russian Witch Hunt”, and even members of his own party.

Screenshot from 2017-07-23 15-15-11

Let’s break these down piece-by-piece.

Make no mistake about it, the Republican party is doing EVERYTHING to back their President. Seriously. They are throwing their own reputations on the line and rarely condemning him for his absurd and unprecedented behaviors. In fact, I would argue that the vast majority of Republicans are cowards who have been bowing down to the President, and now-independent Joe Scarborough would agree.

So, basically, the first tweet is false.

The Russia investigation is not “phony” nor a “witch hunt”. If his administration and family didn’t have shady, undisclosed contacts with Russians, we would not be having this conversation. But they did, so we are.

I can’t even handle the “laughing” comment, as Democrats, along with some¬†Republicans are taking the investigation seriously. Also, the Russians have lied time and time again when it comes to Russian election meddling, and we know what they did, so who cares?

Let’s review : the President lied on Twitter and weaved in some nonsensical ranting. What’s new?

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