The author of “The Art of the Deal” can’t come up with a compromise on healthcare.

He has gone from claiming that he would not cut Medicaid, to throwing a party upon the passage of the House bill, which did in fact cut medicaid. After that, he called the house bill “mean“, which lead to the birth of a senate bill which Trump said needed to be “more generous“. After that, when the Senate bill stalled, Trump went on a Twitter tirade where he changed his story multiple times. He went from repeal and replace to repeal only and then back to repeal and replace. This slashing of medicaid is only one of many broken promises seen in his various proposed legislation.

Image result for trump medicaid

If you’ve noticed, the supposed deal maker has failed to reach compromise on one of his core campaign promises. He is not following his seemingly liberal values which he proposed relating to healthcare during the campaign, nor is he meeting the Republican goal of repeal and replace – with drastic cuts. You would think he would try to reach across the aisle, considering he believes in universal healthcare but instead he has been spending his time railing democrats on twitter, meanwhile Mitch McConnell used that very premise as a threat to attempt to make Republicans work together.

You’d think a man who ran his entire campaign on being a businessman, considering he has no political background, would make a better attempt to live up to his promises. However, he doesn’t. And the Trump base doesn’t care. When the initial AHCA was passed, there was widespread outrage at town halls, however it seems that Americans are becoming desensitized from the debacle and are relieved by the reality that neither of the disastrous health care bills will ever pass, especially if the Democrats close the Senate majority in 2018.


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