Sean Hannity attacks the media – although he’s a member of it

Sean Hannity is back at it again with the Fake News attacks. He got into it with CNN’s Jake Tapper on twitter for, you guessed it, reporting (the job of a journalist).Screenshot from 2017-07-22 20-31-20Screenshot from 2017-07-22 20-31-35Screenshot from 2017-07-22 20-31-35

This one came out of Trump’s playbook : attack CNN on Twitter.

It is baffling to think that one journalist, and yes, Sean Hannity is still a journalist, is attacking another for simply reporting. Calling CNN fake news will only fire up Hannity’s audience (a.k.a. the Trump base) even more about the media, which they do not trust already.

Fox News and its hosts (with the exception of Greta Van Susteren, along with a few others) have lent themselves to prop up the Republican party, as well as the rise of Trump. They now have a medium to express their bigoted, racist, and homophobic views which they label the “conservative media”. Racism is not conservatism. Bullying is not conservatism. There is a difference between standing by your values and slandering another person. Hannity should learn that, and so should the President.


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