Sean Spicer is out!

Arguably the worst press secretary in White House history is out today, as Sean Spicer announced his resignation. This comes from an administration which has drastically reduced transparency when compared to its predecessor, as they have removed visitor logs, and have greatly reduced the number of on-camera press briefings as well as fewer press conferences from the President himself.

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Sean Spicer has become infamous for his short temper as well as his high failure rate when it comes to answering questions by the press corps truthfully.

Spicer has denounced the press, along with the rest of the Trump administration. He is most notoriously known for his spat with reporter April Ryan, when he told her,“stop shaking your head”.

The new press secretary will be Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is just as distrustful although she does have a much better temper overall.

Image result for sarah huckabee

However, she is just as much an opponent of the press, and she herself has gotten into a few spats with reporters who were merely doing their jobs as journalists.

Let’s see how long she lasts.

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