The hypocrisy of “Made in America” week

It’s no secret that the majority of Trump products are made overseas. However, Trump is pounding companies to “Buy American, Hire American”. In the midst of the Russia cloud, the administration has launched a failed attempt to change the subject which the media is focusing on and have desperately failed as this has lead journalists to point out that Mr. Trump as well as his daughter Ivanka produce the majority, if not all, of their products overseas.

The Washington Post eloquently did a piece on Ivanka’s clothing line, which does no production in the United States.

MSNBC brilliantly called out the president with a chyron during his “Made in America” speech

Now, the president would probably call this #FakeNews, tweet something like “Low ratings MSNBC. Sad!” However, here is yet another example of journalists simply doing their jobs and holding those in power accountable.

It is honestly quite hilarious that Donald Trump is completely contradicting himself, but it is also sad for the American people, the fact that we have a president who constantly lies. What does that say about the state of this country?

If Trump really wanted more American jobs, he wouldn’t have slashed the labor department in his first budget proposal and he would hire American himself.

Yet again, the lies continue.

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