Is the Democratic Party doomed?

In the era of #FakeNews, the Trump administration, and the frequent use of “liberal” as a pejorative, the rise of Breitbart and Alex Jones, as well as distrust towards the Democrats, can the party survive?

The Democrats have lost all of the special elections since Trump was elected, and you could tell me that they were red districts all day long but due to gerrymandering, the Democrats have to win red districts. Most districts in the country are now red districts.

Distrust in the government continues to grow over time, and many see the Democratic party (and primarily Hillary Clinton) as representative of the establishment in politics, and consider them “Washington elites”.

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As we are facing the rise of ACTUAL fake news, many may be turned off to the party as the spread of false information, often about the Democrats, is as strong as ever on the internet. Meanwhile turn on Fox News and there is intense distortion of facts and an unimaginable skew – from a place which many consider their primary news source.

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Many feel that the Democrats are out of touch with working Americans, they are worried about campaign finance laws, transgender bathrooms, and global warming. These people are concerned about their healthcare and whether they’re going to have a livable wage, not about the state of the Earth.

Whether that is right or not is a completely separate discussion. That is just reality. The most frustrating part of all of this is that the Democrats stand for the American people, unlike the Republican party. They do not stand to give the rich more tax breaks and oppress minorities. They want an equal playing field for all and they are the working class party. If only they had a message.

As the Trump presidency continues to crumble, the Democrats should be able to easily win over independents once they get an economic message. The Bernie Sanders wing needs to accept compromise, as the Democrats have to first win to be able to legislate a progressive agenda.

The Democrats need not even speak about Trump, let him tear himself apart while they build an economic message with a middle class candidate. That is the key to success.

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