Our health care debate is focused on the wrong issues

The GOP is currently embroiled in debate to try to find a replacement for Obamacae, which they falsely deem is in a “death spiral”. The debate is currently focused on subsidies, medicaid expansion, premiums, and pre existing conditions.

While these issues are important, there are some substantial things which are not currently being discussed. We spend more on health care per capita than any other country in the world, yet we are the only developed country without universal health care. Drug prices are so expensive that people are forced to mail-order their drugs from Canada. What happened to “America First”?

Americans have no say in the medical devices used on them, no ability to negotiate a cheaper device with similar capability. Drug companies are engaged in monopolies in some cases, such as with the Epi Pen, and our veterans in the country have to get care from an overloaded system which is infected with fraud.

There is no excuse for the citizens of this country to be uninsured. After all, isn’t this supposed to be the greatest nation in the world? Why should people have to fight for their life, and why do Americans have to pay to be healthy?

All Americans should be covered equally, and the government should be able to negotiate with medical companies about drug prices and medical devices. It is the job of the government to intervene because as long as there is a profit to be made off of illness, greed will prevail.

Image result for drug prices in the us

In the United States, healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. No one should have to fight for their life, and the wealthy should not get better care than the poor.

Those complaining about choice and freedom should stop whining about such simple problems when people are choosing whether to pay for their medication or their mortgage. We will have to sacrifice luxuries to save lives.

There is absolutely no reason that one single American is uninsured. We could cover everyone, easily.

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