The Republican base will never let go of support for the President. Ever.

He struggled in the polls during the general election, then went on to beat Hillary Clinton. Now, Donald Trump, President of the United States, is facing the lowest job approval rating of any president at this time since polling began. Ouch.

Screenshot from 2017-07-17 08-41-47

However, the story among his base is different. According to the same poll, 82% of Republicans approve of the job that Trump is doing.

The Trump base will see these poll numbers and simply push them off as coming from a “liberal” (used as a pejorative) news outlet, and even call it fake news. That is because the ride-or-die Trump voters do not live in the same realm as even traditional Republicans. They simply do not believe actual reporting, unless it is coming from Breitbart, Fox News, or the president himself, via Twitter.

Trump voters do not trust the “Washington elites”, the “swamp”, or anyone with the label “politician”, and they believe that although the President is clearly now a politician, that he is a mere businessman who does not engage in the typical political gridlock. Newsflash – he does.

According to the same people, the “MSM” – mainstream media, is not to be trusted. They call nonpartisan outlets liberal and and clearly conservative outlets objective. To these people, CNN and MSNBC are the enemy. Any criticism of the president, even from conservatives (Megyn Kelly), will earn such journalists who are just doing their job the liberal label.

There are some outlying Republicans who call out the president on his not appropriate behavior, typically Lindsey Graham and John McCain, as well as a host of cable news pundits (not on Fox News). However, these people do not have a loyal base with energized followers. Trump-or-Die supporters will even pit fellow Republicans against the president, blaming the failed Trumpcare effort on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell rather than the President himself who has made extensive efforts to get the respective House and Senate bills passed.

The Trump base, the “silent majority”, the “proud deplorables,” are a strange phenomenon. They don’t care about facts or information or free press. They reject facts and listen to no one but the President himself. If this mentality never ceases, debate will continue to remain unfeasible. You can’t have a discussion without an agreed set of facts, and therefore our political climate will continue to deteriorate.

Trump will continue to thrive serving his base, and they won’t cease to support him. This can’t possibly end well.


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