Trumpcare : An attack on American values

The president went on a now typical tweet storm two days ago, in an attempt to tout the Senate’s healthcare bill.

Screenshot from 2017-07-16 12-06-54

This is, of course, after lobbying for the AHCA to get passed in the House, throwing a party upon its passage, and following that with a comment calling the bill “mean” and saying that the bill should be more generous and have more “heart”.

However, the Senate health care bill, notably crafted by all men behind closed doors, does not seem to be a very generous bill. While on the campaign trail, Trump promised no cuts to medicaid or medicare which this bill fails to follow. It includes massive medicaid cuts starting in 2021.

If the American public feels similarly towards the Senate bill as they do the house bill, considering they’re eerily similar, things aren’t looking good for senators who vote yes. After all, Obamacare has a higher popularity rating than the AHCA.

Both the Senate and House bills include massive tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans, something unexpected coming from the GOP.

My question is how do the members of the Republican party willingly kick people off of their healthcare? How do they sleep with the fact that people will die because of their actions?

The Republican party is currently working on an Obamacare replacement that stabs working Americans in the back, and gives yet another unnecessary break to the wealthiest in the country.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.


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