What has the GOP accomplished since inauguration?

For 8 years, Obama was the problem for Republicans; he was the reason why they couldn’t pass any of their agenda (according to them).

In reality, no hallmark legislation has been passed. Zero signature bills. Zero.

Now, in fairness, the president has signed 40 bills into law, although most of them are mere regulatory measures as well as housekeeping.

This chart from Business Insider shows the lack of substance in the legislation which Trump has signed

This might be awful for the Republican party, but it is great for the Democrats, and arguably the American people.

While Trump likes to blame the Democrats, calling them “obstructionists”, it is easy to see that the real block on the Republicans’ legislative agenda is within the part itself. THe Freedom Caucus is battling with moderates, and the slim majority in the Senate doesn’t allow for much wiggle room. Meanwhile, house Republicans are about as radical as they can get. If the moderates go too extreme in swing districts, they’ll easily lose their seats to Democrats, meanwhile if the extremists don’t stay on the far right, they’ll lose in their primaries.

It’s not to say that the Democrats don’t face a similar problem, although you generally don’t see it to the same extremes on the left.

The Democrats are banking on the Republicans to fail – especially on the health care bill – with even Fox News pundits pointing out that the GOP had eight years to come up with a solution to fix the so-called “broken” ACA, and they have nothing to show for it.

Hopefully the Republicans remain stalled until 2018, when they hopefully lose their majority in congress. That would be the best case scenario for us Democrats (a.k.a. the actual majority of Americans). However, due to recent losses in special elections, I’m not entirely true if that plan will come to fruition.

All we can do is wait.

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