Trump’s war on the media is disgraceful.

The free press is the foundation of democracy, the voice of the American people, and a vital piece of American politics.

Not if you ask the president.

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Yes, he called it the enemy of the American people back in February and has continually waged war against the “mainstream media” along with a host of conservative commentators.

He has specifically targeted CNN, as seen in a violent video where he beat a man with the CNN logo imposed on his face to the ground.

He has called it #FakeNews, #FraudNews, as well as #FNN.

This is childish at best. Actions like this are especially disgusting following the body slamming of a reporter in Montana, by a candidate who went on to win his special election.

I personally find it interesting that he has gone after the least partisan news outlet, one that dedicates itself to finding facts and simply reporting. You would think his main target would be MSNBC, which is well known for employing progressive voices and skeptics of the president. But he has gone after the network, in perhaps the most childish and quite frankly gruesome tweets he has ever sent out.

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He has continued to assault the hosts of the actually highly-rated (thanks to Trump) MSNBC program. Even competing networks, such as CNN have expressed their support for the anchors who were attacked by the president.

The entire Trump administration has restricted access to the White House by the free press, often holding off-camera press briefings or none at all.

Members of the administration now do not frequently give one-on-one interviews to mainstream media outlets, typically speaking to conservative media, such as Fox News and CBN.

This attack on the media has actually fueled consumption of media, with the NYT as well as WaPo seeing more readers, and MSNBC and CNN seeing drastic increases in viewership, during a time when ratings typically fall, after an election.

The issue with the attack on the media is that the free press is calling the president as well as his team out on straight up lies, and Trump is leading people to believe that the media are the liars. He is encouraging his base to only go straight to him for information and he is distorting reality in the country. People can no longer agree on facts, or have healthy debate. CNN is not fake news. Morning Joe doesn’t have low ratings!

The press will continue to fight for the truth and get the facts. Who knows how the attack on information will continue to tear apart our democracy.


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