More conservatives should be like Joe Scarborough

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough announced that he is leaving the Republican party.

Image result for joe scarborough

The prime reason as to which he claimed he was leaving was the lack of republicans standing up to the president, and their willingness to go along with all of his unprecedented behavior.

He highlights a recent change in the Republican party as it has become the party of Trump.

Now, there are a few outliers such as Graham and McCain who have repeatedly called out Trump for his inexcusable behavior, however the rest of the party have remained staunch supporters.

This falling in line with the president has been demonstrated throughout the party, which Joe has previously pointed out, is a party which doesn’t even follow it’s core conservative values anymore.

If more conservatives followed Joe’s lead, they could perhaps prove a point that Trump is leading the party in the wrong direction, and hopefully guide it to a place where they feel comfortable to join again.

The likelihood of this happening : nearly impossible


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