The Democratic Party needs change. Now.

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the special election in Georgia last month, tallying Democrats’ losses up to four since Trump was elected.

Many of the seemingly successful ads tied Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the house, who has been labelled a “Hollywood liberal” among other things.

This devastating loss in a red district which Democrats thought they actually had a shot at has driven some voices in the party to call for a change in leadership.

In recent years, the party has progressively moved farther and farther left as the base has become more aggressive in their standing, which could be seen in the up swell of support for Bernie Sanders.

Voices in the party such as Elizabeth Warren have become potential presidential candidates, which is exactly the problem which the Democrats face.

Moving farther and farther left will not be helpful to a nationwide win for the Democrats, and neither would it help in swing districts which Republicans have won in recent years.

A focus on economics and policies such as healthcare, which voters are most concerned about, would help Democrats be competitive again in both the electoral college as well as congress.

This might aggravate the base of the party, but there’s no way to pass a progressive agenda if your party isn’t in office in the first place.

If they were to run on an economic message, they could then pass what the base wants meanwhile more mainstream policies as well.

This isn’t rocket science.

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