Why I oppose our current welfare system

I consider myself to be decently compassionate and aware of others’ situations.  I feel for those who haven’t the material resources to live well, comfortably, or cleanly.  It is an issue in our country that needs to be addressed.  This is why we need to abolish welfare, or at least reform it.

Under the current system, anyone who falls under a certain wage bracket gets a stipend from the government to support themselves.  The issue with this is that it doesn’t encourage the person to go out and find a job. The person, in fact, has the opposite motivation: if they receive free money, who needs to go work for extra. This is why you gave birth to death poverty. The system keeps people down, and even if they tried to work their way up, there just isn’t enough money or jobs to keep them moving up the ladder. 

The best way to resolve this issue is to, instead of making the rich pay much more in taxes, make them create new jobs with their money, maybe with a new business, possibly with an expansion with their workforce. The poor would be provided with good jobs and the rich, if they manage the new additions well, stand to make much more money, which can then go back into their companies and raises for their employees. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for the poor and the rich, one that the rich don’t hate because their money isn’t going to waste in bureaucratic frivolities. And the poor, instead of becoming lazy and settling for a lower quality of life on a free check, go to work for the money themselves and possibly work their way up the economic ladder. This is the American Dream for both parties; this is untainted capitalism, where both sides benefit. 

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