This is why we need gun control

This morning, Rep. Steve Scalise along with Capitol police officers as well as a congressional aide were shot. Luckily, the only person killed was the shooter, as seen below:

Image result for james t hodgkinson
James T. Hodgkinson, the deceased shooter

What may be the worst part of this event is that the shooter had all of his proper gun licences, and it was perfectly legal for him to be carrying the alleged assault-style weapon which he had.

So far, Donald Trump hasn’t politically capitalized on this attack like the one in London, when he made a remark about gun control.

Republicans often say that right after attacks is not the right time to discuss gun control, as Democrats are therefore politicizing a tragedy.

That is false.

If we don’t discuss gun control after a tragedy, when will it be discussed? Republicans refuse to acknowledge it any other time, and the Democrats are simply trying to prevent these events from happening in the future.

Obama made many attempts at passing common-sense gun control, but due to the Republican majority in congress, it was never able to get through the hill.

There is no reason that any civilian needs an assault-style weapon, point blank.

However, Republicans will surely reject any gun control efforts, regardless of if their colleague was shot or not. After all, they are funded by the NRA.

I am counting on 2020 to give us a win. We can’t go on like this.

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