Jeff Sessions refuses to speak…

In testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Jeff Sessions, like many others in the Trump administration, refused to answer many questions pertaining to his conversations with the president.

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Claiming that he was protecting the president’s “constitutional right” to invoke executive privilege, he dodged all kinds of questions from both Democratic and Republican senators, in effect invoking executive privilege on himself.

This does not look good for the administration at all, as yet again people appointed by Trump are refusing to answer congress’ questions without any reasonable merit for doing so.

The Russia investigation is continuing to blow up the Trump presidency, as he’s reeling to change the message with Ivanka Trump kicking off “Workforce Development Week” yesterday.

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However, as long as you’re not watching Fox News, the Russia investigation remains the big story which the media is concerned about, and rightfully so.

There is no excuse for all of the shady business which has gone on between the Trump administration and Russian officials, meanwhile the Russians infiltrated the election to help get Donald Trump into the White House.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to call negative press coverage “#FakeNews” in a desperate attempt to cling on to his base for support.

Meanwhile, his poll numbers couldn’t be worse.

Source : Gallup

As of June 12th 2017, his disapproval is 60% and approval rating is 36%.

I smell impeachment.

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