Donald Trump is politicizing the London terror attack


How much more embarrassing can this man get?

Before giving a shout-out to London and the UK, the president took to Twitter to promote his unconstitutional travel ban.

Screenshot from 2017-06-04 11-31-47

Regardless of whatever safety precautions he’s claiming he is trying to take with the travel ban, the bottom line is that it’s unconstitutional, because he has claimed that he’s trying to ban an entire religion, which is not only morally wrong but illegal.

How would banning refugees help again, considering the Manchester bomber was a UK citizen?

We do not know the story of the London bridge terrorists yet, however.

Susan Rice said on this week that a Muslim ban would just further disassemble the relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim community, and these are the very people who will help seek out these terrorists.

Don’t even get me started on Trump’s gun control comment, as there are PLENTY of instances where lives would be saved if the US had stricter gun laws. Regardless, Donald is merely an NRA puppet just like any other Republican.

Day by day, Trump is wearing down our position as the leader of the free world. It is sickening.

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