Trump is fueling hate

It has been proven that hate crimes have been up during and following the election.

This comes as no surprise with rhetoric like this coming from the now President :

Image result for trump they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime
He was referring to Mexican immigrants

An example of this can be seen in the Portland stabbing where two white samaritans were killed defending Muslim women from a white supremacist.

We’re all familiar I’m sure with the BS Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter campaigns in a response to Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter is especially evil because police are the ones who have been primarily doing the killing of unarmed black men. Police lives have not been historically devalued such as black lives and yes, all police chose their jobs, meanwhile believe it or not. not one single African-American chose their race at birth, just like I did not chose to be gay and no one chose to look like a stereotypical Muslim.

Notice a trend?

Hate crimes are the ultimate sign of ignorance, and it’s no coincidence coming from supporters of this president. Donald Trump’s entire campaign ran on a racist premise of “Build a wall”, “Law and order”, and the good ole’ #MAGA. Trump wants to revert the country back to before we had rights, back when racism and discrimination was socially acceptable.

I will not stand by and watch our Muslim, Jewish, LGBT, and black brothers and sisters continue to be attacked. You shouldn’t either.


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