Sanders/Kasich debate success

Image result for sanders kasich debate cnnWhether or not you identify as a liberal, conservative, or anything in between, it has to be understood that what Bernie Sanders and John Kasich have accomplished will change the world.

Jarring, right?

Not really. In the current political climate, it is easy to forget what life was like before 2016. The nation was generally moderate. Yes, there were radical ideas on both sides of the aisle, but nobody ever considered stripping reproductive rights or religious segregation seriously.

The televised discussion between Bernie and John, as they peacefully refered to each other, was just that: a discussion. There was no name calling, no yelling, no slurs. Just honest, American democracy, which was refreshing to witness.

If there’s one thing to be taken from the two men, it’s that serious issues facing our country take precedent over even the most ridiculous political revelations. Liberals are faced with the challenge of remaining moral, even as they are relentlessly challenged. Conservatives have to represent their beliefs in the 21st century. If Bernie and John can do it, then why can’t we?

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