Team Analysis : AHCA

Will VanHorssen : The stats speak for themselves. This bill would bring uninsured levels similar to pre-Obamacare levels.  The decision on pre-existing conditions is disastrous, and why leave it up to the states if you really wanted to cover them? The destruction of essential health benefits is also detrimental, with mental care as well as even pregnancy no longer mandated to be covered. I’m anxious to see what Senate Republicans produce, considering they have a much narrower majority than the House Republicans have. Senators also have to represent an entire state rather than a small district. I predict that a much more ACA-esque bill will be produced in the Senate which would then not pass in the House. I don’t know how Republicans are going to resolve this considering the deep factions within the party. I’m also confused as to why the GOP would brag about taking insurance away from 23 million Americans. Looks like it would murder them in the midterms.

PlausiblePoliticalPerspective : The AHCA is a step, but not in the forward direction. While it is a democratic ideal, which I undeniably stand for, it fails to improve upon what our nation has already accomplished. ObamaCare started a revolution long before Bernie Sanders did. The AHCA is the equivalent of killing a revolution. It attempts to create a conservative movement, but the energy has far been captured.

MrTeaParty: The health care bill has been the most heavily debated bill of the short but overwhelming presidency of Mr. Trump, and it has many opinions regarding it, splitting down mostly partisan lines.  My own opinion of it is that it doesn’t go far enough to roll back Obamacare.  I am not against lower class people receiving health care; however, the group of people who suffer from this bill is the middle class of America.  The country has, with its massive and complicated tax code, unwittingly created several loopholes for the extremely rich to opt out of, leaving the middle class to bear the brunt of the tax burden.  This health care bill would alleviate some of the stress that Obama created, but not as much would be necessary to resuscitate the middle class from destruction.  Either the country needs to cut government programs that the middle class cannot afford or change the tax code so that the rich who escape taxes help the middle class shoulder the burden of our astronomically large government.

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