Just, why..?

The Russians. You might as well say Trump is using his magical pixie dust and teaming up with a giant army of elves in his secret, diabolical plot to destroy the very country that gave him the opportunity to build his empire. Now, why exactly, would a man like Trump, destroy a country that has been nothing but good to him? That has given him the opportunity to put food on the table and clothes on his family’s back because believe it or not, he is a father and a son, and wow! No way, he’s actually a human being? Never saw that one coming. The real question is how people refuse (cough* liberals) to see anything rational that might reject their precious Hillary. Now I can empathize, don’t get me wrong. Trump’s not perfect, he’s no saint. You might not like him and nobody’s saying you have to. That’s fair. But to put a woman who has LIED, might I add with confidential and vital AMERICAN information, on some pedastal is laughable. This is a woman who preaches to empathize with women, yet she’s the very woman who stood by and did nothing as her husband cheated on her multiple times. I don’t know about you but allowing men to disrespect not only you as a female, but your entire marriage is not a very feminist or empowering solution. In that way she has disrespected women, she has disrespected blacks, calling them “super predators” she has had secret emails, she has been exposed for receiving donations from wealthy officials in Saudi Arabia and Qatar which have been leaked to also be funding ISIS. How can this woman sit and preach that she is the definition of a feminist and a role model when she is receiving money from countries that openly, abuse, rape, and KILL women? What the flip is wrong with people?! And Trump makes one vulgar remark on some stupid reality show for views 10 YEARS ago and he gets blasted for it? I have a brother and there a lot worse things said by him on the daily. Listen to a rap song and you’ll hear worse. And I doubt Trump was thinking he’d ever actually run for president because clearly, you’d have to be a moron to say that knowing you’re going into a presidential race and as much as liberals like to insist that he is, spoiler he’s not. I can’t even explain how stupid people can be. Saying Trump is teamed up with Russians is like going on a witch hunt and we all know how we look back and laugh at those morons. Oh wait, they clearly still exist. Whoops. So yes, fake news. because saying Trump is teamed up with Russians is clearly factual news. And yes, Hillary lost! Let’s put it out there folks. Hillary lost and there’s nothing you can do about it. My apologies if some of you Democrats need to take a moment and tear up a little bit before you decide to ramble some nonsense. And since precious little Hillary lost, of course, that means Trumps HAS to have cheated and that’s just enough evidence as anything and how dare Trump pull this fake news idea out of his a** when literally liberals pulled this whole Russia thing straight out of their a**.  Because clearly a man who bombs Syria, a Russian friendly country might I add, is in cahoots. I can bet you Putin is just sitting back there laughing while we tear ourselves apart. So liberals need to get their sh*t together, stop being such sensitive crybabies, and accept facts. That is all.

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