In the GOP, violence is permitted

Greg Gianforte won the special election in Montana.

Screenshot 2017-05-26 at 8.15.03 AM
Source : CNN 

It seems that the Republican party supports the abuse of journalists, now on a physical level. Now that assumption is not purely based off of the special election results, as 70% of votes were cast before the incident with the Guardian reporter happened. However, the lack of condemnation from House Republicans proves that the GOP simply doesn’t care anymore. They have waged an all-out war against the press, hiding behind the defense that the media is inherently liberal. Of course, Republicans have found themselves in a state where they only consider Fox News and other even farther right outlets as reliable and everything else fake news. They seem to have an issue with any negative coverage as it is journalists’ job to call them out and they have been lying frequently lately, as well as their President behaving very awfully, to be quite honest. I am annoyed with the Republicans seeming deterioration of morals as the party that hails itself as the traditional party which upholds “family values”. I suppose that family values include body slamming journalists and then accusing them of lying, and claiming that they are liberal as a justification for assaulting them. What’s even more awful is that it seems that GOP voters think it’s okay to assault someone because they’re liberal. Yet Donald Trump calls the Democrats divisive. OK.

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