Yet again, our checks and balances worked today.

The decision to block the Muslim ban was upheld in a federal appeals court.

I am deeply grateful for our balance of power during times like this. The executive branch seems to have overstepped the constitution and although they’ve made multiple attempts at this ban, and fired the AG when she refused to defend it, our judicial system continue to hold up against this overbearing administration.

Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 1.45.29 PM

As you can see above, the ACLU tweeted, “We won”. It is deeply saddening to me that this situation is happening, and the premise that the president is going against Civil Liberties is disheartening at the least. Although that is not surprising as Republicans have consistently attacked the civil rights of various minority groups over the years.

The blocking of the Muslim ban, yet again, is a victory for us civil rights proponents. It conveys the message to the president that it is not okay to discriminate against our Muslim brothers and sisters. I feel that on a personal level, it is inhumane to ban refugees from entering this country when they’re simply just trying to survive. Also, the vast majority of terrorist attacks tend to be coming from residents born in the country they’re attacking, as we saw in the horrific Manchester bombing.

The prejudice towards Muslims must stop. Muslims are not terrorists, end of story.

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