CBO score released for AHCA, and it’s not good.

The Congressional Budget Office reviewed the newest edition of the AHCA, and the results are in :

23 million people would lose coverage

Source : NBC News

This is, of course, an improvement over 24 million people losing coverage, but is nonetheless immoral and inconsiderate.

This bill is DOA in the Senate.

I do not understand why the Republican party wants to take away health insurance from people – really? I’ve heard multiple republicans on cable news claim that there would be less people insured because they don’t want to be forced to be insured. They would, for example, rather buy a new car. Here is the problem with that : it shouldn’t be a choice. Healthcare should be provided for all, you shouldn’t have to choose between a new car or healthcare, because you never know what ailments you might encounter. It’s utterly ridiculous to me that a party is running on the idea that people should lose health insurance.


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