The LGBT community remains under attack around the world

This is unacceptable.

A gay sex party was raided in Indonesia, and those participating are now facing pornography charges.

Two men in Indonesia were publicly lashed 82 times for having gay sex.

The brutality and killing of numerous gay men continues in Chechnya.

In Texas, a bill allowing publicly-funded adoption agencies to deny parents children based on religious reasons just passed their Senate.

You’d think that in 2017, the world has started coming around to gay rights. Clearly not. Our people are being brutally tortured and killed for being who they are around the world. The common thread backing all of this insanity is religion. Whether it be Christianity or Islam, the hateful perpetrators are using religion to defend their case against the LGBT community. The entire premise of this is wrong, as one should not force their religious beliefs on others. Nonetheless, it continues.

And it will.

Image result for lgbt flag

We must stand up to protect our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world.

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