Enough of the Clintons!

News sites have reported that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary and Bill, has been asked to run for Democratic office in 2018, but she has said she is not planning on running.  Thank goodness for that respite!  Ever since the Lewinsky affair, the Clintons’ act has grown old quickly.  Bill finished office fairly uneventfully, but the country elected a Republican president after his second term ended.  The country got tired of his lying and immaturity.

The real indication that the country is done with the Clintons is that Hillary lost in a presidential election not once but twice, and it wasn’t attributable to misogyny: the percent of people in the United States in 2007 who were open to a woman President was 88%, according to this Gallup poll, and has only gone up since then as sexism has decreased.  The reason she lost both times was that she was never in touch with the ordinary American, and Donald Trump’s plea to the working class man in 2016 undermined Hillary’s argument that the Republicans weren’t either.  Indeed, in 2016, between Bernie Sanders’s fight against her for using super PAC money and Trump’s statements that some money in the Clinton Foundation went unaccounted for, the view of Hillary in the eyes of the American people slipped far below what it had been in 2008, where she barely lost to an up-and-coming Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.  Her email scandal had caused great consternation on the parts of the Democrats, and it was a recurring issue for Hillary in her campaign.  The emails wouldn’t go away, and damaged the public’s perception of her and her trustworthiness.  What’s more, her quick switches in opinion alienated many people, who wanted her to be honest and support what she felt was right, not what would get her more votes.  What was supposed to be a banner year for Hillary and women in general, finally winning the most important and exclusive post in the world, but she predictably fell flat.

But why?  This is the question Democrats and Hillary’s team are asking themselves.  Why, pitted against the most unpopular presidential candidate EVER, could Hillary not pull out the victory where almost everyone else would have?  The answer is simple: as I detailed above, the country is sick and tired of the same act the Clintons trot out every election year.  Hillary hasn’t even ruled out running in 2020, but why would public perception of her change in 4 years?  That she lost to Donald Trump should be an indication that America no longer wants her or her husband in the political spectrum. WE ARE DONE.

So for Democrats to continue hanging on the Clintons’ every word is killing their chances at winning back a majority.  This poll shows that Democrats aren’t trusted by the masses anymore and need to reform, but the party can’t figure out how to drop its figureheads from the top of the party.  The Clintons are the people that still seem to be the face of the party, and that is a troubling prospect for party leadership.  Unfortunately for them, the attacks to Trump are taking up their time, while their party slips farther and farther in the eyes of voters.

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