“America First” places America last

In the Trump administration’s “America First” budget, extensive cuts can be seen across the board. With funding diverted from numerous agencies, and many scrapped entirely, one must ponder what effects these dramatic slashes in funding will have on the United States. However cutting spending dramatically in a wide range of departments, the losses are used to fund the proposed border wall – although Donald Trump himself tweeted “Mexico will pay for the wall!” -, increased defense spending, and more funds allocated to the DHS. The cuts affect nearly every department, with the EPA taking the biggest hit as it loses 31% in funding. This budget “blueprint” is not surprising in the least, as Donald Trump has repeatedly blasted the scientifically proven concept of climate change, calling it a Chinese conspiracy as well as a hoax among other things on Twitter as well as in public statements. The drastic cuts in funding overall reduce discretionary spending only by 1.1% although the effects of the cuts could have devastating impact. It may seem puzzling to an educated observer that the EPA, State, Agricultural, and Labor departments are seeing cuts above 20% meanwhile defense spending is increasing by 10%, considering the US spends more on defense than the next 8 countries ranked by military spending combined. In the most objective sense, this budget is illogical. However, when considering the implications of the plan as well as its’ real life impacts on Americans if put into place, it is irresponsible as well as immoral. In the most basic terms, “America First” puts America last, destroying countless domestic programs while needlessly pumping cash into a border wall as well as defense, things pertaining to other nations more than those at home.

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The “America First” budget blueprint wages war on the poorest Americans. The cuts on the Education department would reduce funding to after-school programs, as well as aid to low income and minority students. These programs are slashed in favor of increasing defense spending, although the United States leads the world in military power by far, and funding to build a wall between the US and Mexico. According to Pew, a vast 62% of Americans oppose the building of such wall. Regardless, the Trump administration has continued to make cuts which disproportionately impact the poor. Among these are the drastic cuts on HUD. With a 13% decrease in overall spending, housing programs to help poor Americans will take a massive hit. These cuts continue with the labor department, which sees a 21% reduction in funds. Due to the cuts, programs which help low-income youth and seniors will be eliminated entirely or reduced in size and scope. It also reduces funding for grants which help nonprofit groups pay for health and safety training. The Trump administration in this budget has shown that it clearly has no respect for the poor in this country, as they have slashed funding for projects which help low-income citizens across the board. This is disgraceful as well as pointless as the budget overall only reduces discretionary spending by 1.1%, at the expense of those struggling the most in the country. Meanwhile, funding is diverted to unnecessary and unpopular projects. The proposed cuts which affect low-income Americans are morally wrong. If passed, although highly unlikely, the “America First” budget would keep Americans out of homes as well as work. This is entirely hypocritical in nature, as the Republican party and conservatives in general typically preach that unemployment programs should be cut in favor of getting Americans actual jobs. Meanwhile, the Republican in the White House is proposing to slash funding to the very programs which get Americans jobs.
In the proposed Trump budget, climate change is completely disregarded as well as public health and safety. Besides the massive cuts to the EPA, other climate-related programs are eliminated in departments across the board. Within the commerce department, $250 million is cut from programs which prepare coastal residents for rising seas and worsening storms, a product of climate change. Within the energy department, “America First” eliminates the energy star program, which encourages consumers to purchase low-consumption products, a program which encourages a reduction in use of electricity and therefore pollution. Within the state department, the Trump budget eliminates funding for UN climate change prevention programs as well. The worst cuts, however, affect the EPA. With a 31% loss in funding, the Trump administration has made clear that it does not care about the future of our planet. It is also ironic that a man whose campaign ran on the promise of bringing jobs back to America is gutting 3,200 jobs from the EPA. The budget guts the Office of Enforcement and Compliance in the EPA, making it much more difficult to hold businesses accountable for violating EPA regulations. It also cuts funding for the Office of Research and Development in half, therefore hindering essential research which could be key to predicting the effects of climate change as well as how to combat it. None of these cuts are surprising, but rather dissapointing. The fact that the Trump administration stares down science and blatantly ignores it is disgusting. The “America First” budget shows no regard for the health of our Earth, and the consequences could be dyer.
Overall, the “America First” budget blueprint is morally wrong, irresponsible, and disgraceful towards the American people. The increases in spending on defense are unnecessary, and the spending on the wall is plain ignorant. A wall, which is very unpopular with the American people. The slashing of programs which help low-income families is sick in nature, and could literally ruin millions of people’s lives. It is purely wrong that one of the richest men on the planet is attempting to slash funding to the poorest of Americans. The “America First” budget would be detrimental to American society.

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