Sorry, the media isn’t unfair to Trump.

Screenshot from 2017-05-21 22-11-03Screenshot from 2017-05-21 22-09-19Screenshot from 2017-05-21 22-09-02

I took screenshots of the three cable news outlets’ websites late Sunday evening. You can immediately notice Fox’s more positive Trump coverage than CNN or NBC News. This can also be validated by a study done at Harvard, as seen below

Source : The Washington Post

Some might point to the graph and say that Trump is being unfairly treated by the media. I think not.

According to Gallup, Trump’s current job approval rating at the time of this post is a mere 38%. By comparison, Obama’s approval rating was at 65% during this time. Therefore, it makes sense that the media is covering Trump much more negatively than Obama considering many more Americans approved of the job Obama was doing at this time, and the media is the voice of the people at least in theory.

What Trump has that Hillary did not is an entire network dedicated to propping him up. Fox News stuck with him the entire time throughout the campaign. By the time it rolled around, “Lean Forward” msnbc was dead, and a new, fancy, all-caps MSNBC focused on breaking news had been born. By the way, don’t tell me that FNC is “fair and balanced” it’s not.

Trump should be thankful for the media, because without them there would be no Trump presidency. If it weren’t for Fox, people wouldn’t be believing lies to vote for him. And if there was no CNN, he wouldn’t be the notorious politician that he is. Before he goes and ridicules MSNBC, Trump should remember that its’ parent network made him a celebrity to begin with.

Call it fake news all you want, but reporters are uncovering the truth about this administration whether you like it or not.

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