Nevada joins seven other states to ban conversion therapy. Now let’s make it federal law.

Here are the states where conversion therapy is illegal for minors :

  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Vermont
  • California

Source : CNN

This poses the question : why is this practice legal anywhere? It has been discredited by numerous mental health institutions, including the American Psychological Association, and ask just about any LGBT person out there and they will tell you it is not possible to change sexual orientation. This is fact. And trust me when I tell you that most people would change their sexual orientation if that was in fact possible, considering the ridiculous hurdles which members of the LGBT community face on a daily basis due to our orientation.

In 2012, the Obama administration called for a federal ban on this demonstrative practice. Following Nevada’s banning of the practice, I would love for there to be an open dialogue about this so-called “therapy”, which is driving an already at-risk population even closer to suicide.

The reason for why a federal ban on this practice simply won’t happen is the same reason all civil rights get clogged up in US politics : the Republican party. I would be baffled if somehow this stalled congress – although all red – passed a bill which would save lives, as the rights of LGBT americans are their last concern. The vice president has an awful record on LGBT rights, most notoriously passing the BS license to discriminate law in my home state, Indiana, labeled as “religious freedom”. Although Trump has a much warmer tone towards LGBT rights, his cabinet appointees do not. I could, however, see him passing a federal bill banning conversion therapy if Democrats took back congress in 2018, but he will probably be impeached by then. Mike Pence, of course, would not sign that bill.

At least he’s trying…?

I, like most Americans I presume, was hoping that Trump would be different regarding equal rights. He is not, and never will be.

I guess LGBT Americans will continue to die unnecessarily until a Democrat gets elected.


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