Don’t tell me that Confederate symbols are celebrating “heritage”

Image result for confederate flag
This is a hate symbol. Plain and simple.

The city of New Orleans just removed its last Confederate statue. It’s about time.

Sympathy towards the Confederacy is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Period. For those of you who believe the lie that the Civil War was fought over states’ rights, I ask you the question, states’ rights to what? Slavery. The Civil War was fought over slavery, as the South believed that African-Americans were lesser people, and they wanted to keep them around as slaves. This is what the entire southern culture was built off of. In fact, just look at their currency.

Image result for confederate currency
Yes, that is a black man picking cotton

What heritage are confederate flag wavers celebrating? Keeping black people as slaves, that’s what. Anyone who’s taken a basic history class knows that the south was against integration, supported slavery, tried to keep blacks from voting, and overall has an AWFUL track record regarding civil rights.

My favorite part about seeing people wave confederate flags in my own life is that I live in northwest Indiana. A place that was a part of the Union. So, those flag wavers are not only demonstrating blatant racism but also appropriating culture. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

These people who support “southern heritage” also happen to be the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! crowd. Is slavery making America great again? Is segregation making America great again? I’m pretty sure a five year old could see that all of this is transparently racist. Honestly, these people are celebrating SLAVERY.

So, you confederate pride people, go ahead and wave your flags. But don’t give me the story that you’re celebrating southern heritage. And while you’re at it, burn some crosses and get swastika tattoos as well.

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