Russia, Russia, Russia

How does anyone actually think that there is no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?  Look at this chart from CNN

Image result for trump russia flowchart cnn
Fake News, all of it

The fact that there are enough ties to MAKE A FLOWCHART is a major red flag. And that was before Trump fired James Comey, or leaked classified information to the Russians himself. However, conservative commentators claim that this is not what the American people are concerned about, they think that this is fake news. Why do they think that? Why nonetheless than Trump’s authoritarian stance towards the media. Yes, the media, the very foundation of democracy. You can probably notice from my posts thus far that I’m not exactly Trump’s biggest fan. You would be correct. The reality is this : although there is no evidence thus far, I for one am pretty convinced that the Trump campaign has colluded with Russia. Whether the forefront of the campaign – Trump himself – even knew is another story. My biggest question is that in relation to the Russia investigation, is Trump a fool or a mastermind? Maybe we would find out if James Comey wasn’t fired. The moral behind Trump leaking classified documents to the Russians is baffling – What the hell was he thinking? It’s also very ironic how Trump would lead “lock her up” chants when he is now the one under investigation by the FBI, and let’s not forget that Mike Pence had his own private email server.

Image result for mike pence private emails hillary clinton

Me too, Hillary. Me too.


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