Homophobia is intolerable and unexcuseable

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You’re kidding me

This is disgusting. Blatant homophobia has no place in our society, and it comes as no surprise that comments like these are coming from conservatives. Anderson faced a hard enough time coming out – it took him years although the media had speculated for a long period of time. The attack on Cooper represents a larger attack on all of us – anytime anyone calls out Trump, they are attacked based on their minority status if applicable. Homophobic insults hurled at the LGBT community, racially insensitive comments passed along to African-Americans (Bill O’Reilly saying “James Brown wig” when speaking of Rep. Maxine Waters), as well as surely anti-semitic as well as Islamophobic statements. It is unacceptable when the DNC chair says Republicans “Don’t give a shit about people,” however it is okay for conservatives to hurl insensitive insults at Trump detractors? It is also okay for Republicans to blatantly deny LGBT rights as well, correct? The bottom line is this : you don’t see liberals hitting below the belt with outlandish, insensitive remarks. Some of us might be uneducated, but we’re far from ignorant when compared to our conservative counterparts. Homophobia from conservatives will not be tolerated. This is a major component of why I am a proud Democrat, as an openly gay man I know that one party will protect the rights of my people as well as all minorities, while the opposition will do anything in its’ power to destroy our advancements.  I don’t care what anyone does, it is not okay for someone to pick on them for their minority status. As a matter of fact, Anderson Cooper did nothing wrong when rolling his eyes at Kellyanne Conway as she was being snarky and pivoting as usual. But ask her, and he was being sexist 😦 I don’t care if Cooper was even actually did something wrong, it’s still not okay to make a homophobic remark towards him! I don’t understand people.

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