Did we really forget about the AHCA?

In the midst of the Comey scandal, it seems that the Republican’s disastrous health care plan has fallen to the wayside.  Let’s keep them accountable. They have proposed a plan which would leave coverage for pre existing conditions up to the states. One person said to me, perhaps I shouldn’t worry about that due to the state that I live in.  I live in Indiana, which is held by Republicans.  If we look at this map from the Washington Post, you can see that this is the state most Americans are in.


This sort of gives you a similiar idea. Source : https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/11/12/these-3-maps-show-just-how-dominant-republicans-are-in-america-after-tuesday/

Yep, 25 states are held by Republicans across the board. Dead center? Good ole’ Indiana! The reality is that in these 25 states, premiums will most likely be able to go up when covering preexisting conditions. Included on the list of preexisting conditions? Rape. Yes, republicans are going to make insurance companies able to charge you more for coverage if you were raped.  Am I outraged? Yes. Surprised? No. The Republican party have repeatedly proven themselves to “Not give a shit about people,” according to DNC chair Tom Perez. Well stated. In a CBO score of the previous bill, an estimated 24 million Americans would lose coverage. Although Tom Price “Disagree[s] Strenuously” with this fact, it still stands. It’s easy to let this story float away in the midst of a constitutional crisis with Trump and Comey, and I praise CNN and MSNBC for still managing to squeeze it in their breaking news coverage during this insane news cycle. I haven’t watched Fox News in years, and I don’t even want to know what the Trump state-run media is reporting as of late. The bottom line on the AHCA is this : people are going to die. Plain and simple. How this is deemed okay, I will never understand. I suppose it is due to the privilege which many Republicans are accustomed to. While watching MSNBC, a family member of mine stated regarding health care ,”Why don’t you just get a job with insurance like the rest of us?” in response to a town hall attendee screaming at a GOP congressman about taking away their insurance. This is the sad reality : everyone cannot get a job which provides health insurance. Not everyone has the means to get a college education or is able to find a job which provides benefits. This is why we have Medicaid and Obamacare, to look out for our fellow citizens who have been disadvantaged. However, empathy is a foreign concept for some people. Regardless, I have faith that by midterms the Republicans will start to have their majority picked at, if not lost in a landslide.  By then, Trump’s agenda will be stalled and hopefully we can prevent more policies like this. Looking to 2020, however, who knows if the Democrats can take back the White House.  Trump’s job approval rating is a mere 39% according to the latest NBC/WSJ polling figures, however we know that polling is not always completely accurate.  It also seems that his voters are going to cling onto him through anything he does, as he loves to feed misinformation and discredit the media and facts. One can only hope the AHCA will stall and fail between the House and Senate, as the lives of millions of Americans are at stake.

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