Yes, Trump Really Did That

By now we’ve all seen the Lester Holt interview, right? I cannot express how utterly frustrated I am with the President of the United States – the fact that he has the audacity to fire the man who is investigating his connections to Russia is beyond me. What’s even better? The lies he told his press team! Yes, they really thought we’d believe that Comey was fired over the way he handled Clinton’s emails – something which Trump praised him for at the time. My English teacher had the best statement about it, “This is BS”. Although Trump lied to his press team, they attacked their favorite scapegoat, the “liberal media”!  As usual the media was playing “gotcha” (according to the lovely Spicey), although as Anderson Cooper stated, “the White House even gave us a time line on paper pushing the phony narrative. So, as you can see, there was no game of gotcha to use the word Sean Spicer used today. It was what it was. And we reported it. Then, the president said it was something else entirely and we reported that. What apparently bothers Sean Spicer is that we and so many others because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, notice the difference between the two and reported that. ” I personally love the way Anderson handled Spicer’s attacks, and I couldn’t help but laugh from the enormous shade when that aired. I am so deeply thankful for the media for keeping the Trump administration in check, whether they like it or not.  Bottom line : the firing of Comey is borderline an obstruction of justice and completely uncalled for. Part of me hopes that one of these days Trump will get impeached, but I also don’t want to get sent to a conversion camp *cough* Mike Pence *cough*. However, for some comic relief, I’ll leave you with a gif of Anderson Cooper on air with the one and only Kellyanne Conway the other night.eye-roll

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